Ski trails close to Manhattan

Winter is coming and people have started asking about places to ski near the city. For you skiers out there, the season starts now! So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the madness of the city, take a trip to some of the many serene and snow-covered ski slopes in the area.

There are a few options relatively close to Manhattan, but they are a popular destination for tourists and beginners. As it does not snow as much close to the city, you’ll get mostly artificial snow, which can be very frustrating for expert skiers. If you are a beginner and want some genuine skiing fun, I suggest the following mountains: 

At an hour from the city, Mountain Creek is the option closest to Manhattan. It’s is accessible by public transport. You can catch a bus in Midtown at Port Authority. This is a good spot for families and beginners.

Tip: Weekends are usually VERY full, so try for a weekday excursion if you can.

The season starts on December 19th and runs through the end of February, depending on weather. For more information click here.

The most popular location for skiing is Hunter Mountain. Only two hours from Manhattan, it’s a good destination choice for tourists. I don’t recommend spending the night, so try this spot as a day trip. Hunter has an arrangement with several companies that offer shuttle service, packages for equipment rental, and lifts. If you don’t want to be dependent on the Shuttle schedule, you can easily rent a car from Hertz or Avis.

The season began on November 28th and runs through late March or early April.
For more information click here.

Windham isn’t as well known among tourists as Hunter, but it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for a ski station near NY. The tracks are good for beginners and intermediate skiers. Like Hunter, it makes a good day trip, but I don’t advise spending the weekend. It’s close to Hunter and usually less crowded.
Windham also makes an agreement with transport companies, selling the complete package of lifts, equipment, and bus tickets.

The season began on November 22nd and runs through late March.
For more information click here.

If you are already at an intermediate / advanced level and are looking for higher mountains and trails with a higher degree of difficulty, you need to go to Vermont. Located five hours from Manhattan, I suggest you rent a car. You can also catch an Amtrak train leaving Penn Station and headed for Rutland, VT. From Rutland, you can move on to the mountain of your choice, by car or shuttle depending on the distance. With a five-hour trip each way, a one-day excursion is not usually feasible. I suggest making it a weekend trip.

Although I don’t know all the good ski mountains in Vermont, I’ve heard very good things about Mount Snow and Stratton. Both have excellent trails and beautiful views. Here are two more options as well:

Killington Mountain: You’ll be able to enjoy a long day of skiing and have great time here. The location is geographically situation at a high elevation, with consistent snowfall. On the other hand, that means it’s usually EXTREMELY cold. Last year in the mountain was hit with -22° Celsius/ -8° Fahrenheit.
TIP: Be prepared and be sure to buy hand warmers and toe warmers — You’ll need them!!!
For more information about the mountain, click here.

Regarding accommodation, I suggest the Killington Grand Resort Hotel which is located on the mountain. It’s the best place by far, but it is one of the most expensive options. Of course, you will find other options that are more affordable and still close to the ski area.

At night, you have the choice of several restaurants for dinner, or it you’d like to sit in a more relaxed pub, try the Sushi Yoshi. This is a mix of Japanese and Chinese cuisine in a unique environment. It’s delicious — and during the season also pretty popular. Another option is the Wobbly Barn. This spot is a steak house divided into various environments, one of which is pub-style with a live band. Very nice!!! Be sure to make reservations.

Stowe Mountain: This is a super cute little town and is 10km from the ski area. The ski area is located on Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont. Like Killington the cold is usually quite intense and makes for VERY good snow for skiing.
For more details, click here.

For lodging, I suggest the Stowe Mountain Lodge which is located at the base of the mountain. Guests need only pick up a Gondola and get started skiing right away. The daily cost is around $1,000 depending on the season, but some say it is worth every penny. You’ll also find more options next season, such as Top Notch Hotel.

For dinner, try some great alternatives like Harrison’s and the Flannel!!! And again, be sure to book.

Ah … just out of curiosity. Did you know that the factory of Ben & Jerry’s is right around the corner from all this skiing? You can even take a tour of the site and buy ice cream directly from the factory. Even with the cold, I guarantee you it’s worth it!!!

In short, both Killington and Stowe has good slopes for skiing, are super charming, and a great choice from romantic getaways to family trips!!

Enjoy!!! And don’t forget to try the pancakes and waffles with Vermont Maid Syrup. You’ll find it in any restaurant.