Bruna holds a degree in business administration and has worked in the financial market for several years. She moved to New York City almost four years ago, and it was here in the city that she found her true vocation. Passionate about travel, restless, curious, and authentic, Bruna loves to discover and explore new places. In other words, she loves devoting her time to NYCTips!


Renata holds a degree in advertising. She has always been interested in the world of creation: fashion, design and art, and she moved to New York City in 2010 to study Fashion Design at Parsons. Today she devotes her expertise to NYCTips. She currently lives in São Paulo but frequently visits New York City in search of news and trends.


Bruna and Renata are two sisters who have always complemented each other's differences -- even down to their hair color: Bruna's a blonde, while Renata is a brunette! From an early age, they've dreamed of having a business together. It was in 2013 that life led Bruna to one of the most attractive cities in the world: New York City! When many people and friends kept asking her for tips on how to enjoy the city in the best way possible, Bruna discovered her vocation . . . and NYCTips was born, a digital platform with information about the most interesting things to see and do in New York. From gastronomy tips, to fashion, art, shopping, leisure and entertainment, NYCTips offers help for all kinds of visitors to this beautiful city.