Personalized Guides

Travel, relax, and sightsee! When you plan a trip, you plan your dreams. So we’re here to help you avoid stress and make your plans run without a hitch.

We know that New York is a city that offers thousands of attractions, and it is impossible to enjoy everything. So it is important that you choose the right programs in order to optimize your precious time.

With three years of New York travel planning experience, Bruna, NYCTips founder, has developed our customized itinerary service, specially made to fit the profile of each customer.

How does the service work?

Traveler profile:

– The custom itinerary is a service created for each traveler profile, so that customers are able to enjoy their time in New York in the best way possible.

Roadmap Planning:

– In order to create your customized roadmap, we need to understand and analyze your unique profile and traveler characteristics. To achieve this, customers fill out a questionnaire by e-mail. We then set up a road map with sights, restaurants, parks, museums and cultural events, according to your preference.


– After receiving the response of the traveler, we deliver the complete itinerary within 10 days.

Guide Developer:

– Bruna is from São Paulo. A graduate in business administration, her greatest passion is traveling and discovering new places. Although she has lived outside the country in places like Switzerland, Boston, and now New York (for four years), she’s always had a special feeling for the Big Apple. Since she came to the city for the first time at age 15, she has said it is the best place in the world. To her delight, fate led her to live in New York, and she’s made it her mission to explore every corner of the city. Founder of NYCTips, Bruna is responsible for developing itineraries, organizing visits to the hot spots, and running the finances of the website.