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Bridal Consulting

NYCTips, in partnership with AK Personal Stylist, has news for you!!

Many brides come to New York in search of the perfect dress, but with so many to choose from they end up wasting time in stores that don’t match their style.

To avoid this all-too-common predicament, Alessandra, AK Personal Stylist, assembles customized itineraries according to your preference. She’ll schedule the visits you need, optimizing your time and ensuring that your experience is quiet, organized, and unforgettable. In addition to crafting your itinerary, she’ll accompany you at all visits, assisting you in choosing the ideal dress.

How does the consultation work?

Initial consultation:

– First, you make an appointment with Alessandra via Skype, Facetime, or in person, according to your preference, so that she can get to know your profile and understand what you are looking for.

Custom itinerary / Schedules:

– Then Alessandra prepares a personalized itinerary, including a selection of bridal salons and studios, based on your budget and style preferences. She is also responsible for organizing your schedule to suit your convenience.

Follow up:

– Alessandra will accompany you to every shop, advising and assisting you in choosing the perfect dress and accessories.

Consultant / Personal Shopper:

– With a degree in Design & Management at Parsons Paris, Alessandra began her career in Merchandising working with reputable brands like Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. After gaining experience in the corporate world, she decided to open her own firm in New York focused on styling and personal shopping.