James Goldcrown – Bleeding Hearts

If you’ve visited New York City recently, it’s very likely that you’ve already seen a wall decorated with colorful hearts in the city. This mural that thousands of people have enjoyed was created by the Englishman, James Goldcrown. In just one year, Goldcrown has managed to create a viral admiration for his work in the world of art, fashion, and social media.

The artist moved to New York City in 2007 and, after some time, eventually fell in love with the city. He created various works, even some photography, but he had long wanted to find a medium that would be more personally rewarding for him. And it was from a pure serendipity that the concept of “bleeding hearts” began to emerge. 

James used to test the pressure of spray cans by making hearts, and to get the right pressure, he created many hearts at the door of his studio. One day, a customer was so taken with his hearts that he ended up buying the door.

A while later, James had two projects containing hearts at Art Basel which were sold immediately. Since then, their success has only increased and grows today.

The artist dreams of creating a wall of love somewhere in South America– let’s hope that it is in Brazil 🙂