Lehmann Maupin – OSGEMEOS

New York City is currently the site of the solo exhibition of the OSGEMEOS artists.

The Lehmann Maupin Gallery in Chelsea, opened its doors just yesterday, September 8, to present to the public the exhibition, “Silence of the Music.”

The twin brother graffiti artists turned the five gallery rooms into an immersive installation that brings together drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, and audiovisual elements. The exhibition was conceived as a site-specific installation, in which each of the five rooms of the gallery contains a unique selection of paintings and objects that cover the walls from floor to ceiling.

As the name suggests, the exhibition pays tribute to music. One room is title “B-Boy” and is dedicated exclusively to breakdance, one of the fundamental elements of hip hop culture. In it, you find painted canvases with built-in speakers, evoking a boombox (the portable stereo used in hip hop culture). These boomboxes let patrons listen to songs associated with the images on canvas.

The exhibition will be available until October 22.

Located at 536 W 22nd St between 10th Ave and 11th Ave.