Jewish Museum – Beatriz Milhazes

At the entrance to the Jewish Museum in New York, visitors are greeted by the sculptures of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. This museum presents carnival out of season to transfer Brazil’s annual party to New York City.

Milhazes mimics the decoration of the carnival floats using brightly ephemeral and light, colorful materials. By collaborating with float creators themselves, Milhazes achieves an effect that is both genuine and truly artistic. 

Milhazes’ exhibit is positioned in dialogue with the exhibit of Brazilian artist Roberto Burle Marx. In this museum display, visitors are surrounded by the living reflection of light and movement of Milhazes’ light sculptures that hang from the ceiling.

Milhazes and Burle Marx together make for a must-see program. Highly recommended!

Available until 18 September.

Located at 1109 5th Ave and 92nd St.